New York City is home to tens of thousands of stray cats, and this number continues to rise rapidly. Some of these animals have been abandoned by careless pet owners, while others are born to a life on the streets. No matter what their circumstance, the grim reality is that the majority of strays do not live past the age of three. Every day, they struggle to find access to food, shelter and water. Many others die after being struck by a car, ingesting rat poison or freezing to death during the winter months.

In 2015, NYCARG's founder could not help but notice a colony of feral cats near home. As the daughter of an animal rescuer, she felt compelled to help. With experience in trapping, she took to the streets and removed all 20 them from the dangerous conditions. Little did Harding know, that fateful would be the birth of New York City Animal Rescue Girls.  What started as a small operation has quickly evolved.

Since its founding, NYCARG has rescued more than 300 homeless and/or unwanted animals via adoption services and fostering services.